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Let’s fight Language Inequality!
We’re on a mission to preserve culture and empower people in the modern world by digitising lesser resourced languages.

Our Mission

Travis Foundation is a global community tackling language inequality.

From the success of Travis the Translator, a handheld translation device, we discovered significant inequality in digital resources across languages. This led us to start Travis Foundation, an initiative built around developing lesser resourced languages as a means to reduce the language inequality gap and preserve culture.

Language is the core of communication, the essence of understanding and culture. However many languages are at risk of being left behind in the modern world. We believe in closing the language inequality gap and making digital language resources freely accessible for everyone.

Our Vision

Let’s digitise 20 languages by 2020!

Why? Once a language is digitised, one of the results is the ability to include it in translation technology. We collaborate very closely with Travis the Translator to enable the use of digitised languages in education and for preservation. We’re also reaching out to many other organisations, global and local, in a joint world effort. Together, we’ll be able to constantly improve digital language opportunities.

We’re aiming to digitise language and support language projects that work to close the digital language divide. At Travis Foundation, we don’t want people of any language left behind.

Languages & Projects

Project Tigrinya

We’re going to digitise language where it’s needed most.

With history of prolonged conflict, there are nearly half a million Eritrean people seeking refuge all over the world. Organisations in healthcare, police, social work, education and more, both in Eritrea and elsewhere, had asked Travis about Tigrinya as they believed in creating understanding not only in northern Africa, but all over the world. We recognised this challenge, but unfortunately as a lesser resourced language, there was no current digital copy of the language Tigrinya.

This lack of digital resources for Tigrinya really affects its speakers. It also impacts professionals such as doctors and aid workers who are doing their best to help, but find themselves frustrated with being unable to communicate.

We're building a community of technical specialists, linguistic experts and grassroots foundations all over the world. Let's make this happen and close the language inequality gap for Eritrea and Ethiopia.

When this project is successful, it’s just the start for Travis Foundation! There's 7,000 more languages to go!

What language would you like to see digitised?
Join us and let’s fight language inequality together!

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