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Travis Foundation digitises lesser-resourced languages to fight inequality

Travis Foundation is working towards a world of understanding. By compiling digital language corpora and applying machine learning technology, we create the resources required for communication through translation, education tools and preservation of culture.

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Digitising languages where it’s needed most.

With history of prolonged conflict, there's an estimated 4,000-5,000 Eritrean people fleeing their homes every month. By bridging the language gap with Tigrinya, we'll see communication in humanitarian and aid situations improve and open the potential for language learning and educational tools.


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When Travis, creator of personal translating devices, partnered with medical institutions, government departments and aid organisations, they were asked that Tigrinya, an Eritrean language, be added.

As they continued, more individuals and organisations requested languages that weren’t necessarily minority languages, but surprisingly weren’t digitised. These communication barriers were something that Travis couldn’t immediately solve, so started Travis Foundation to address.

Over the past months, Travis Foundation has made great project with the first initiative, Tigrinya. We look forward to digitising many more languages after proving our concept.

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