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Let’s fight Language Inequality!
Travis Foundation digitises lesser resourced languages to reduce inequality and help to bridge language barriers for refugees, migrants and communities all over the world.

Why Travis Foundation?

Travis Foundation is a global community tackling language inequality.

When Travis, creator of personal translating devices, partnered with medical institutions, government departments and aid organisations, they were asked that Tigrinya, an Eritrean language, be added.

As they continued, more individuals and organisations requested languages that weren’t necessarily minority languages, but surprisingly weren’t digitised. These communication barriers were something that Travis couldn’t immediately solve, so started Travis Foundation to address.

Our Mission

Let’s digitise 20 languages by 2020!

Why? Once a language is digitised, one of the results is the ability to include it in translation technology. We collaborate very closely with Travis the Translator to enable the use of digitised languages in translation technology.

Without a digitised language, refugees and migrants often struggle with communication during the migration process, language learning and education. This can have a serious impact in helping create inclusivity in new societies. 

Languages & Projects


We’re going to digitise language where it’s needed most.

With history of prolonged conflict, there's an estimated 4,000-5,000 Eritrean people fleeing their homes every month, according to the UNHCR.

Without a digitised language, many Eritrean people struggle with language learning, education and integration into new societies. With 500,000 Eritrean refugees in Europe alone, digitising the language will assist in communication in the refugee and migration process as well as promote inclusivity in communities beyond Northern-Africa.

We're building a community of technical specialists, linguistic experts and grassroots foundations all over the world. Let's make this happen and close the language inequality gap for Eritrea and Ethiopia.

When this project is successful, it’s just the start for Travis Foundation! There's 7,000 more languages to go!

What language would you like to see digitised?
Join us and let’s fight language inequality together!

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