Tigrinya Volunteer


Travis Foundation and Project Tigrinya

Travis Foundation digitises languages to reduce inequality. Our first initiative is Tigrinya, aimed at helping over half a million Eritreans refugees in Europe and Tigrinya speakers worldwide.

By digitising the language, it can be included in translation and education technology. Now, we are ready to share the word and invite Eritrean and Ethiopian people to join our community and build on our language corpus. The more articles, blogs, research papers, chats etc that we can collect, the higher quality our digital language will be.

To do this, we need the help of volunteers! We have many options in terms of responsibilities and tasks so we'd love to hear your interests and find something that will add to your experience.

Your role

We're after a Tigrinya speakers who are excited about the possibilities of language digitisation. We want to make a role that suits you and aligns with your interests - whether it be computer science, community building or anything in between. 

Your responsibilities

We don't have any set responsibilities, it all depends on you! Some tasks could include:

  • Gathering Tigrinya language (articles, blogs etc)
  • Tagging and Matching Tigrinya sentences to English
  • Helping with our social channels
  • Forming new partnerships
  • Preparing content in the correct format for our machine learning experts
  • Assisting in the process of testing the machine learning algorithm 
Our Ideal Candidate
  • Fluent in Tigrinya and a workable level of English
  • Previous volunteer experience is a plus!

Hours: 1-5 hours per week 
Location: Rotterdam or External
Cost Reimbursement: Travel costs
Duration: Minimum 4 months
Start: Immediate


Any questions just ask us at [email protected].


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