Community Builder Internship


Travis Foundation

Travis Foundation exists to enable understanding where it’s needed most. Travis Foundation is a community of changemakers, linguists and community builders who wake up each day with a mission - to enable communication in the most challenging circumstances. We compile digital corpora, apply machine-learning technology and create tools to aid communication.

Aid orgs, doctors and municipalities are having incredible success with translation tools, such as Google Translate and Travis (our partner company), but this is only available for 100 of the world’s languages. With 6,400 languages that aren’t digitised, we have a lot to do to ensure that every migrant, refugee and person in need can overcome language barriers. Our first initiative is creating a text-text translation available on a website for English & Tigrinya, the language of Eritrea and Northern Ethiopia. We then aim to build that into a speech-speech translation and commence a second language project in the first half of 2019.

With technology at our disposal, we have the potential to make understanding a possibility for everyone, everywhere.

Why we need you

Creating machine translations is not an easy task, requiring an enormous amount of data. For lesser-resourced languages, we can’t find big data sets online, unlike with languages like English and Spanish. So we have to engage the community in creative activities to contribute. We hold translatathons, are building a network of ambassadors and are developing a game to make contributing fun.

We’re after a killer community builder to help us, someone with skills in communication and marketing and with a passion for social impact. We want our reach to go further, our communications to engage more and our efforts to encourage more.

Your responsibilities
  • Collaborating with us to brainstorm creative ways of building our community
  • Develop an impactful content and communication strategy
  • Create compelling content around our projects for various communication channels - social media, email etc.
  • Building awareness and knowledge for particular groups
  • Developing partnerships that support us in collecting data
  • Understanding and being able to connect with other cultures
Our Ideal Candidate
  • Passionate about social impact
  • Excellent communication and organisational skills
  • Understanding of digital marketing and social media
  • Experience in volunteering or with Non-Profit Organisations

Type: Internship
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Hours per week: 8-24hrs
Duration: 3-6 months
Benefits: Dependant on hours and experience
Additional Benefits: Flexible hours, working remotely if needed


Please submit your resume and cover letter to [email protected], telling us why you were made for this internship.


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